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North America
South America
U.S. District Chairman  Mr. Dick Thomas
Southern California Chapter
  Mrs. Judy Walker
Northwest Chapter (Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club)
   Mrs. Pat Christensen
Potomac Chapter
   Mr. Jim North
Moto-Kara Koikai Chapter
  Mr. Ron Goforth
Northern Midwest Chapter (Northern Midwest ZNA)
  Mr. Dick Thomas
Southern Koi Chapter (Southern Koi Association)
  Mr.Richard Porter
Northern California Chapter
  Dr. David Tran, DDS
Tri-State Chapter
  Mr. Carmen Caputo
*North Idaho Friendship Club
  Mr. Sharon Olson (contact person) /  Mr. Gene Anderson (President)
Carolina Chapter
  Dr. Jason Guevara, MD
*South Idaho Friendship Club
  Mr. Sot Chimonas
Brazil Chapter
  Mr. Andre Palumbo
Oceania KSA Australian Chapter (Koi Society of Australia Inc.)
  Mr. Gerard McDonald
AKA Bankstown Chapter (Australian Koi Association Inc.)
  Mr. Ian Andrews
Western Australia Chapter (Koi Society of Western Australia Inc.)
  club president
TKKG Chapter (Thai Koi Keepers Group)
  Mr. Kittiphong Arjsamat
East Thailand Chapter
  Mr. Pornchai Wattanakulchai
Phuket and Southern Thai Chapter (Phuket Koi Club)
  Mr. Sombat Rattananai
Hong Kong Chapter (Hong Kong Koi Club)
  club secretary
Guangdong Chapter
  Mr. Hongman Leung
*Shanghai Friendship Club
  Mr. Zhou Ci Wei (secretary)/  Mr. Ke Hai Ting (president)
*Jiangsu of Eastern China Friendship Club (Eastern China Koi Club)
  Mr. Wang Haidong (secretary)/  Mr. Yuan Jiandong (president)
Singapore Chapter (The Koi Club Singapore)
   club secretary
Taiwan District Chairman
Mr. Hung King-Wen
Taiwan District
  to  Nishikigoi Keepers Society of China
Yangmei Chapter
   Mr. Yeh Chia Huan
Formosa Chapter (Taiwan Koi Development Association)
  Mr. Shih Chao-Hua
Malaysia Chapter (ZNA Malaysia Koi Fish Club, KL)
  Mr. Ng Yik Kok
Surabaya Chapter
  club e-mail/  Mr. Sugiato Kurniawan (president)
Bandung Chapter
  club e-mail/  Mr. Hartono Soekwanto
Bandung Chapter Blitar
  club e-mail/  Mr. Mujadi (branch president)
Bandung Chapter Tulungagung
  club e-mail/  Mr. Supriono (branch president)
Bandung Chapter Palembang
  club e-mail/  Mr. H.M. Giri (branch president)
Jakarta Chapter
  club e-mail/  Mr. Husin Arief (president)
*Viet Nam Koi Friendship Club
South African Chapter (South African Koi Keepers Society)
  club e-mail/  Mr. Dean Britz (president)
KLAN German Chapter (Koi Liebnaber am Niederrhein 1991 e.V.)
  club e-mail/  Mr. Horst Reiter (president)
Dutch Chapter (Nishikigoi Vereninging Nederland)
  club e-mail/  Mr. Mark Kleijkers (president)
Belgian Chapter
  Dr. Dirk De Witte (president)
*Norway Friendship Club
  Mr. Arne Mellum
*France Friendship Club
  Mr. Joel Jouannet