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About the 10th Asia Cup Koi Show

ZNA Headquarters' Recognition about the Asia Cup Koi Show to be in China in 2017

At the Board Directors' Meeting held on the 11th of November 2016, where 17 ZNA Board Directors including Chairman Muneaki Bajo gathered and discussed, the following recognition about the Asia Cup Koi Show was confirmed.

ZNA JAPAN does not state which koi club or who in China should take the initiative to hold the 10th Asia Cup Koi Show. As China has specific circumstances in holding a public event, ZNA understands that the Asia Cup Koi Show can be done in a different way from the cases in other Asian countries.

In addition, the ZNA directors at the meeting confirmed that the Asia Cup Koi Show had started by the following process.

The Asia Cup Koi Show was founded by the late Hiroji Sakai (Sakai Fish Farm) and Richard Tan (the former president of Koi Club Singapore) in 2007 by their concept to implement a koi show as big as Shinkokai's Combined Show and ZNA's International Show in Asia outside of Japan. In November 2007, Richard Tan and Alan Nementzik visited the ZNA show in Ojiya and met the Chairman Masao Kato and the Executive Director Hiroshi Masuda, and they agreed to the following terms.

The Asia Cup Koi Show judging is collaborated with judges of Shinkokai(AJNPA) and ZNA.

ZNA makes their best efforts to dispatch judges to the show.

The term of "ZNA" should not be appeared in the tile of the "Asia Cup Koi Show"

Shinkokai(AJNPA) performs actual administration advices to the show, and ZNA cooperates on their project.

Recently, Joji Konishi, the chief director of Shinkokai (AJNPA) informed that they wish the 10th Aisa Cup Koi Show to be in Shandong, China and asked ZNA for the cooperation to the show. ZNA greatly expects that the Asia Cup Koi Show will be planned and carried out successfully with great koi friendship.