To Judges of Zen Nippon Airinkai

1.  Each judge must improve not only the ability to appreciate Nishikigoi but also his/her character and good sense on a regular basis.

a. To develop good and respectable personality as a judge

b. To have deep knowledge of Nishikigoi

c. To have a high level of ability to appreciate Nishikigoi

d. To research on Nishikigoi and report it.

e. To gain enough Nishikigoi-keeping experience and continue it.

f.  To avoid making serious mistakes.

2.  Judges must be aware that they are representatives of the ZNA and their Chapters. 

a. To attend the judging of a show, each judge must obtain prior approval from his/her Chapter president and the Show chairperson.

b. Judges of a show must follow instructions of the Show chairperson and the Head Judge, and they must strive to act in a coherent manner.

c. Judges of a show must also pay attention to their behaviors and words during and even after judging, and must strictly refrain from any behavior that may impair the dignity of other judges.

d. Judges shall be fair and impartial as a matter of course.

3.  In addition, ZNA judges, as Chapter senior members, must be familiar with the history, organization, and rules of Zen Nippon Airinkai, and comply with them. Judges must refrain from acting in a manner that could be construed as business deals, especially with respect to deals of other people’s fish.
LC judge

Local Certified Judge  FORM(xls)    FORM1(pdf)  FORM2(pdf)

AC judge

Assistant Certified Judge  FORM(xls)    FORM1(pdf)  FORM2(pdf)

ACJ Exam

Exam for Assistant Certified Judge  GUIDANCE(pdf)

Zen Nippon Airinkai Judge Program

  • Local Certified Judge
  • Assistant Certified Judge
  • Certified Judge
  • Honorary Certified Judge

Koi-Judging Manners

Qualifications for applying ZNA judges

Qualifications for ZNA Judges (PDF)

List of the ZNA judges

Application Forms DOWNLOAD

Judging and Seminar Registered Member Program

Application Lodging and Council Schedule

  • Application for Local Certified Judge by 15 December for the February Council
  • Application for Local Certified Judge by 5 April for the May Council
  • Application for Assistant Certified Judge by 15 December for the February Exam
  • Application for Certified Judge by 5 April for the May Council

Important Notice

  • Seminar Participating Experiences must be counted by the list reported to Head Office from the seminar organizer.
  • Judging Experience must be counted by the list of judges reported to Head Office from the show organizer.
  • Application Forms must reach head office by the above deadlines.
  • The Judge Qualifying Council is the only and final authorization to approve judge status.