History of Zen Nippon Airinkai

Doctor Kuroki Takeo, MD suggested that Nishikigoi should be a grand hobby and culture, and he founded the Oita Airinkai Koi Club in Beppu, Oita in 1962. The activities of the club spread greatly into the other areas in Japan under his ideas to pursue the beauty of Nishikigoi. The koi club developed as Nishinihon Airinkai in the western area of Japan, and before long it was established as an all-Japan association, or Zen Nippon Airinkai that has chapters located in all the prefectures in Japan. Dr. Kuroki also visited many countries in the world to promote Nishikigoi keeping and published many Nishikigoi books, which cultivated the foundation of Nishikigoi keeping that we enjoy today.

<Chairmen of Zen Nippon Airinkai>

<1962 – 1991>
Takeo Kuroki

<1992 – 1993>
Ryo Kamiya

<1994 – 1998>
Natsuji Anabuki

<1999 – 2001>
Jitsuo Takeda

<2002 – 2003>
Masao Okabe

<2004 – 2007>
Masao Kato

<2008 – 2011>
Nobuo Takigawa

<2012 – 2015>
Keiichi Iwahashi

<2015 – 2017>
Muneaki Bajo

<2017 – 2021>
Masaaki Nakajima

<2021 – >
Daishiro Shirasaka