Kinginrin is the name given to any type of koi that has golden (kin) or silver (gin) scales. For show entry, it should have ginrin scales appearing clearly in two, three or more lines on the both sides of the spine. If a koi has a fewer or scattered ginrin scales, it should be judged as an insufficient for the Kinginrin category. Kinginrin Group 1 are for Ginrin Kohaku, Ginrin Sanke, Ginrin Showa, and Ginrin Utsuri.

The styles of ginrin scales

Niigata Ginrin
kado-gin, sudare-gin, kasu-gin, tama-gin, pearl-ginrin, tsubu-gin, beta-gin
Hiroshima Ginrin
daiya-gin (diamond ginrin), chara-gin, gacha-gin