SUMIblack as color of marking or pattern
SUMI SHITSUthe essential quality of sumi
HON ZUMIgood sumi with dark black color, thickness and luster
URUSHI ZUMIlustrous, purplish-black sumi of good quality, to describe good sumi of Taisho Sanshoku
NABE ZUMIbrownish sumi of less quality, with no luster like soot
KAGE ZUMI (or SHIZUMI ZUMI)shadowy or unclear sumi markings that sink under the skin
TSUBO ZUMIsumi markings placed in the white part. Especially, a sumi spot in the white in position on the shoulder, fitting the pattern
KASANE ZUMIsumi markings over the Hi plate, looking darker than the others because of the Hi color underneath
JAMI (or JARI)scattered or sprayed sumi dots
SOKO ZUMIshadowy or unclear sumi markings that sit still under the skin
TE JIMAsumi stripes on the prctoral fins, appearing in Taisho Sanshoku and Bekko
MOTO GUROa sumi lump at the base of each pectoral fin, appearing in Showa Sanshoku and Utsurimono
TERIluster of the skin.
Lustrous skin shows healthy and well-finishing condition.