Showa Sanshoku has also three-colored body with black, red and white. Different from Taisho Sanshoku, sumi markings usually appear on the head part. Strong black sumi markings can make dynamic looks. However, Showa Sanshoku with more white parts, like Taisho Sanshoku, have been produced and they are called Kindai Showa (or Modern Showa). 

Typical sumi markings on the head of the Showa Sanshoku

Hachi-ware (men-ware) sumi
A sumi marking goes from the nose part up to the shoulder front, as it divides the head part.
V-shape sumi
A sumi marking appears like a v letter on the head part.
Moto-guro sumi
Showa Sanshoku often have a sumi lump, called Moto-guro, at the base of each pectoral fin. Moto-guro is usually a favorable sign for good Showa sumi and also for the total pattern. However, considerably large sumi spreading over fins is sometimes considered as being after peak condition.