Asagi is one of the old varieties of Nishikigoi. Asagi-lineage koi produced in the early 19th century are believed to be ancestors of the modern Nishikigoi today. 
Asagi variations:
Gunjo Asagi
Its body color is clear indigo blue. Aka Matsuba, Ki Matsuba and Kigoi were produced from the Gunjo Asagi lines Aka Matsuba, Ki Matsuba, and Kigoi should be in the Mujimono class for koi shows.
Narumi Asagi

Narumi Asagi’s scales have two-toned colors: darker indigo in the center, and paler blue in the surrounding area in each scale.

Taki Asagi
It has white lines between the blue and the H markings It’s a very rare variety.
Mizu Asagi
Its body color is pale and light blue. It’s sometimes called Akebi Asagi.