O or OBIREtail or caudal fin
OZUKEthe base of the tail fin, where the trunk attches to the tail
hypural notch part
OZUTSUcaudal peduncle
the rear part of the trunk
the body between the end of the dorsal fin and the base of the tail fin
*Thickness of Ozutsu is a criterion to know a future body conformation
ODOME or OJIMEthe end of the pattern to the tail part
*In describing the grace of the patterns, especially for Kohaku, the patternend is preferably off the base of the tail, however this isn’t an absolute necessity.
HIRE or -BIREfin(s)
TE-BIREpectoral fin(s)
SE-BIREdorsal fin
KATAthe shoulder part
the part between the front low of the scales and the origin of the dorsal fin
HACHIthe upper head part above the eyes, forehead
*This term is often used for describing the position od the round Hi in Tancho.
MISEBAthe highlights of the patterns in the forehead or shoulder
the most eye-catching part
TAIKObody depth
TAIKEI or KARADAbody conformation, body shape
TAIKUphysical constitution, build
*Taiku is a term for describing a firm or strong bone structure, rather than a soft and tender body.