Taisho Sanshoku

Nishikigoi that have Hi and sumi markings on a white ground are called Taisho Sanshoku. Niigata breeders call it simply Sanke. Being simply different from Showa Sanshoku, Taisho Sanshoku has no sumi markings on the head part, and it often shows sumi stripes on the pectoral and dorsal fins. A small sumi marking can appear on the gill cover parts. A Taisho Sanshoku should be appreciated by its elegant appearance made by white, red and black colors.
Taisho Sanshoku’s Sumi Characters:
A good sumi marking appearing on the white part, especially a very effective one on the white ground around the front shoulder area.
Sumi markings appearing on the Hi plate. They look deeper than actual because they overlay the red color.
Urushi-zumi (Japanese lacquer sumi)
Quality purple-black sumi with good luster
Less quality brownish sumi like a burnt cooking-pan