Info: ZNA Judging Seminar 2024.01

Annual Examination for ZNA Assistant Certified Judge and official Judging Seminar organized by ZNA Certified Judge Club will be held at Tokyo Ryutsu Center in January 2024. 

*A seminar participant should be registered in prior. Inform his/her name by email by 10 January 2024

Application forms for LOCAL Certified Judge & ASSISTANT Certified Judge Exam should be reached the head officeby 20 December 2023

ZNA head office


27 & 28 January 2024


the 2nd floor meeting rooms of TOKYO RYUTSU CENTER building


Assistant Certified Judge Exam at 10am on Saturday 27 Jan 2024

Judging seminar Day 1 at 1:30pm on Saturday 27 Jan 2024

* Special lecture will be held at 15:30 to 16:30 by Prof. SUGA, 

Attendance is required for seminar record.

Judging seminar Day 2 at 10:30am on Sunday 28 Jan 2024


3,000yen / JSRM annual fee 4,000yen